Monday, March 15, 2010

Ending Hunger In America: The Challenge

Ending Hunger In America: The Challenge

Ending Hunger In America: The Challenge
By wecanendthis | Published: 15 Mar
By Vicki Escarra, President and CEO of Feeding America, and Bill Shore, CEO of Share Our Strength

Hunger in America is a serious problem.

The latest data from the United States Department of Agriculture shows that more than 49 million Americans experience “food insecurity” each year – that is, they’re not sure where they’ll find their next meal. That means one in six Americans is hungry.

That staggering number includes nearly 17 million children, who fall behind physically, cognitively, academically, emotionally and socially as a result of being hungry. It also includes seniors who are forced to choose between buying food and paying for medication. One-third of those in need report that they have been forced to skip meals, cut portions significantly, or go without food altogether in order just to meet their basic financial obligations.

The scope of hunger can seem overwhelming. But know this: Together, we can end hunger in America. There is not just one cause of hunger, and there is not just one solution. One thing is clear, though:

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