Friday, March 26, 2010

Jamie Oliver: Stirring Up a Food Fight

Jamie's show has to be over the top because it is a REALITY TV Show. I doubt all the community treated Jamie that bad...remember it is HIS show so he can edit the tapes how he wants it to be.

Jamie's approach was a bit over the top.

We have made HUGE changes in our school district by taking baby steps.

The BIG problem with school nutrition is that programs are relying on funding that has remained unchanged except for inflation increases, for almost 40 years. In the last 5-6 years, we have added more fresh fruits and veggies to our menus, incorporated whole grains, less processed foods, scratch cooking and local products. Staff salaries and benefits and other associated costs continue to increase. Incorporating "Healthy Foods" into our menus costs us more money. Many school districts rely on selling "junk" food to be able to afford to menu "healthy choices".

Each state also makes a difference; in CT the state offers school districts to sign up to take part in the Healthy Food Certification Program. If the district complies with the nutrition standards the district receives an additional 10 cents in reimbursement for every lunch sold. This 10 cents allows us to serve "snacks" or a la carte items that the state deems "healthy". The list is very long with many products to choose from. We continually look through the list and form our own list to meet our standards which are stricter than the state standards.
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