Wednesday, March 3, 2010

NH School Food Grant Awards

• In the summer of 2008 Columbus Family Academy received the Hidden Valley Grant to purchase a salad bar for their school. This salad bar has been featured in numerous media stores.

• SY 08-09 NHPS School Food was granted 3 schools to be sites for the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program in the amount of $58,501.00; SY 09-10 the grant was increased to 6 schools in the amount of $131,973.00.

• SY 08-09 Troup School was recognized by the New England Dairy Council for its Breakfast Program

• SY 08-09 National Dairy Council/General Mills Child Nutrition and Fitness Initiative Breakfast Grant awarded to John S Martinez School. Martinez School was one of only two schools in New England and 25 across the country that won this $2500.00 award.

• SY 09-10 NHPS School Food awarded ARRA Equipment Grant in the amount of $30,699.00. This money was used to purchase automated food distribution centers to serve reimbursesable meals to our students. These machines are tied into our state of the art computer system and allow students to be served a reimbursesable meal without having to wait in line. The machines also operate as a reversible ATM machine which will allow students to add money to their account and help us move to a cash-less system.

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