Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chefs Move to Schools FREE Cookware Kit Available NOW!

Share Our Strength was pleased to have so many chefs from around the country join us to help launch Chefs Move to Schools last summer with First Lady Michelle Obama. Since the launch, chefs in every part of America have gotten engaged, reaching out to schools and working with school food professionals, teachers, parents and students to help educate kids about food and nutrition, and help them to make healthy choices. The enthusiasm and knowledge chefs are bringing to schools is an important step in getting all kids the nutritious food they need to thrive.

Share Our Strength is excited that participating Chefs Move to Schools partners are eligible to receive a free cookware kit valued at approximately $2,000, and we can help connect you with one. The kits include a stainless 8-quart stock pot, stainless 3-quart sauce pan, stainless 12" fry pan with lid, induction burner, stainless solid spoon, stainless turner, stainless tongs, 18 cm chef's knife, 4" paring knife, large cutting board, and more from high-end manufacturers.

If you are a SCHOOL interested in signing up for Chefs Move to Schools click http://healthymeals.nal.usda.gov/schoolmeals/Chef/SchoolsForm.php

If you are a CHEF interested in signing up for Chefs Move to Schools click http://healthymeals.nal.usda.gov/schoolmeals/Chef/ChefsForm.php

To apply for the Chefs Move to Schools cooking kit mentioned above go to www.strength.org/chefsmove

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