Tuesday, October 18, 2011

US Senate votes for unlimited potatoes in schools...

9/8/11 "The fact is that french fries are a problem but potatoes are not," Republican Sen. Susan Collins said during a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing on the agricultural spending bill, The Hill reported

10/18/11 Following a bipartisan agreement on the issue, the Senate by voice vote accepted an amendment by Republican Sen. Susan Collins that would block USDA from putting any limits on serving potatoes or other vegetables in school lunches.  "Collins, who is from Maine, a potato-growing state, says the vegetables are a cheaper and nutritious way to feed children when school budgets are strapped."  Denver Post

In one month Senator Collins went from supporting potatoes but not french fries to supporting the menuing of french fries in every school in the country, daily, UNLIMITED!

UNLIMITED potatoes is not the answer to our childhood obesity epidemic. I agree 100% with Senator's statement on 9/8/11. Potatoes, prepped and served correctly can be a great part of a school meal; mashed, steamed or roasted potatoes are yummy and kids like them. FRENCH FRIES and/or Sweet Potato Fries are a part time food and should not be offered more than once a week.

PROPERLY funding school meals to offer a vast variety of all fresh fruits and vegetables should be priority #1. While the six additional cents will make a very small difference, Congress and the Senate need to step up to the plate and fund school nutrition properly. Stricter nutrition standards are a welcome opportunity to feed the 17 million hungry kids in this country nutritious foods but stricter standards call for additional funding.

I challenge Congress and the Senate to help me put an end to childhood hunger and obesity and properly fund school meals! Let's make No Kid Hungry a reality in America!

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