Monday, June 3, 2013

Let's Reinvent Food for Kids; Free Meals Here Food Truck Take 2

A few years back, while I was the Local Food Dude for New Haven School Food my team and I along with community partners and the United Way of Greater New Haven, we started a great summer meals program, the Free Meals Here Food Truck. The truck was a cutting edge example of how to increase access to food for kids where they live and play. The truck brings the food to the kids in their neighborhoods and has made an impact on ending childhood hunger in New Haven.

Since leaving my position in New Haven and with my role as a No Kid Hungry Chef I continue to see hungry kids in all cities and towns. I want to ensure that all kids in CT have access to food where they live and play.

Here's the deal. I'm looking for funding to either purchase or acquire a hybrid city bus and outfit it with a small kitchen and convert it into a traveling restaurant to feed kids summer meals. Working within the federal summer meal program guidelines to offset the labor and food costs this bus has the capabilty to increase access to thousands of more kids daily!

At the end of the summer meals program and on the weekends, the bus would be used as a mobile location teach low income familes culinary training through No Kid Hungry's Cooking Matters program.

As a means to increase funding and create a sustainable operation the Food Bus will make appearances at agricultural fairs and will be set up as a commercial kitchen to cater dinner parties. This for-profit side of the business will raise awareness and money to continue the over-arching mission of the Food Bus; feed hungry kids.

The goal to begin is to get one bus on the road in one city in CT with the long term goal of having at least one bus or like vehicle per city in CT and beyond.

The Food Truck/Bus program significantly increases access of food to kids in the neighborhoods where the kids live.

If you are interested in funding this great program please email me directly at


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