Thursday, March 25, 2010

Food Revolution takes a turn...

While I was running on the treadmill this morning at the Gym and listening to my ipod I caught a glimpse of school meals on 2 different TV networks. I unplugged my ipod and listened to what Jamie Oliver and Mrs. Q had to say on Good Morning America about school meals.
Jamie's reaction to school meals was similiar to the what he expressed on his new TV reality show, "Food Revolution".
Although this morning, Chef Jamie, thinks that not only school meals need improvement but also many brown bag lunches. He said that he looked at severla brown bag lunches while he was in the schools an noticed that the quality of those meals was less than diserable too.
School Nutrition programs nationwide have been slammed and degraded by many because of the childhood obesity issue and the "Food Revolutionary" Chef himself points out by his simple comment that it is a much bigger problem. This is an issue more than just school meals, this is a societal issue that must be fixed.
The current food system allows us to eat whatever we want, whenever we want and as much as we want. Bigger is ALWAYS better is the mantra of many marketing campaigns.
In schools we have a captive audience and have the opportunity to make change and feed children better food but what was pointed out on one of the networks this morning was that children's palates are set up for pizza. In addition the palate of the brain is set up for BIGGER, FATTER, JUICIER foods that children see on tv and in magazines. The commercials for fresh, healthy, less-processed meals are non-existent...

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