Wednesday, September 22, 2010

OUR CHILDREN DESERVE BETTER! While the Senate bill is not perfect it is HISTORIC & needed!

In addition to the meal funding the Senate CNR bill has funding for Farm to School and with the strict food standards in the Senate bill it essentially eliminates junk food in schools. While the meal funding is limited the additional programs associated with the bill is unprecedented and historic & the $4B associated with the Senate bill is funding that is needed for our programs AND the first increase in over 40 years! I would like the funding to be a lot more but truth be told for something as HUGE as this to happen during the depression we need CNR to pass. The SNAP funds offset while devastating were only put in for a limited time through ARRA and for CNR to pass these were the only available offsets.
This is going to cause a ripple between hunger groups and child nutrition but without CNR funding EVERYONE loses.

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