Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Time Flies!

Let me apologize for the delay between posts! I have been working hard with the food service staff to put together the best meal program we can for New Haven children!

We have encountered some stumbling blocks to say the least this year and are using them to help us learn and grow. We are working hard to add many new menu items this year incorporating many fresh fruits & vegetables into the mix as well as more legumes.
Today we served fresh made Black Bean salsa to mixed reviews. I heard from schools that LOVED it and others that wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole. Am I suprised, no, are we going to give up, NO WAY! What we are going to do is to continue to educate our young patrons about the value of legumes and why they are so good for you!

We are working on boosting the nutritional value of our sauces. For our Marinara Sauce we will be incorporating many more vegetables into the sauce. Our cheese sauce will start as a basic cheese bechamel, we will used cooked & pulverized white beans to increase the protein of the soup and utilize sweet potatoes and butternut squash to color it YELLOW. Children love yellow Mac & Cheese, but frown at white mac & cheese so we will play the game and give them yellow cheese sauce, colored naturally of course!

Other menu items we have added and will be added Turkey Pot Roast, Squapple Crisp (Winter Squash & Apple Crisp), Chicken Pasta Primavera, Pasta Bolognese, Sweet Potato Chips (Hot) Cheese Lasagna, Cheese Ravioli. We have also incorporated Meatless Mondays into the mix to provide vegetarian offerings at least once a week!

The week of 9/27-10/1 is CT Farm to Chef Week. We will be serving local corn on the cob, winter squash and many, many CT Grown fruits and vegetables.
The week of 10/18-10/22 is CT Grown for CT Kids Week.

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