Thursday, December 2, 2010

CNR: The Latest Update

Thanks to our good friend Kristen Manicelli from CityHarvest in NYC for this update:

Hi Everyone,
I wanted to share the latest update on CNR. There was an hour debate in the House on 3307 yesterday afternoon. Republicans generally criticized the bill for increasing government spending, and Democrats generally supported it for improving nutrition and programs for kids. There were mentions of the SNAP offset from both sides: Rep McGovern said he’d work with the Administration to replace the funds, and there was criticism from the Republican side that the SNAP extension itself, and thus the portion of it used in 3307, was “borrowed money”. A number of members spoke of specific provisions in the bill. You can watch the debate in archive video at this link
Republicans were allowed one amendment, and Rep Kline proposed a change to the section on CACFP requiring background checks for child care workers providing meals. Because any change to the bill would require it go back to the Senate, this move was intended to prevent the bill from passage. (This is technically called a “Motion to Recommit”, or MTR, meaning ‘recommit’ the bill to committee.)
As a result of the MTR Leadership postponed the vote on 3307 until tomorrow, with a plan described in House Majority Leader Hoyer’s statement: "We will complete action on the Child Nutrition bill tomorrow. We will bring up the Republican motion to recommit as a stand alone suspension bill. After that vote, we will return to the Child Nutrition bill where we left off, voting on the motion to recommit and final passage. This will allow a good, bipartisan bill to reach the President's desk without delay."
There remains no “plan” to restore SNAP funds in the lame duck session, as many groups are calling for. (Tim's Note: Congresswoman DeLauro, in her speech on the floor of the House yesterday specifically mentioned working with the White House to restore the SNAP cuts. Click HERE for the audio)

The situation is complex and changing rapidly. Many of you have been in touch over the past days with questions, and if you haven’t but would like more information or clarification, please contact me. I am truly happy to help!
Kristen Mancinelli, MS, RD
Senior Manager, Policy and Government Relations
City Harvest


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