Monday, November 28, 2011

New Haven School Food now hiring: School Wellness Dietitian

New Haven School Food, an award winning school meals program is now hiring for the position of School Wellness Dietitian.

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The job description is below. This is a 5 year grant funded position with a good salary without benefits.

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Responsible for the nutrient analysis of New Haven Public Schools menus, nutrition education activities in all schools, and increasing participation in the school breakfast program. Works with students, school staff and parents to assist with prescribed special diets for students. Works with farm to school coordinator on farm activities. Reports to Executive Director of Food Services.


• Provides nutrition education for the students, parents, and staff.

• Coordinates nutrition education activities in the schools.

• Works closely with school coordinator to plan and implement school based interventions and to promote nutrition and healthy behaviors as described in the NIH grant requirements, including materials and program development, health education and cafeteria based initiatives

• Studies and implements ways to increase breakfast participation.

• Analyzes and modifies recipes and menus for the school lunch program to meet the HUSSC & USDA guidelines.

• Develops monthly menus that meets all dietary guidelines

• Assists in the in-service training of food service and educational staff.

• Evaluates the students who are on prescribed diets and documents information in their medical records and in the Food Service Department.

• Works as a liaison for the Department with parents and the community.

• Coordinates USDA Team Nutrition activities in the schools.

• Plans and writes a departmental nutrition newsletter for educational staff and Food Service staff.

• Assists in planning nutrition promotions for the Department.

• Researches resources to be used for grants for the benefit of nutrition education programs.

• Assists ED with dietetic interns

• Conduct required Civil Rights compliance reviews as necessary.

• Assist with required on site reviews, including the snack program.

• Works with staff to standardize recipes

• Develops/manages in conjunction with CafĂ© Managers & staff production records on monthly menus

• Develops/manages Chefs Move To Schools Program that interfaces with nutrition education programs.


Graduation from a master degree program or higher Preferred in Nutrition or Dietetics. Registered Dietitian. A minimum of 5 years of experience in the nutrition field. Experience in teaching and conducting training programs. Basic knowledge of computer systems. Ability to work with computerized nutritional information systems. Sensitive to diverse cultures.


Certification requirements: Registered Dietitian. QFO preferred.

NOTE: The above description covers the principal duties and responsibilities of the job. The description should not, however, be construed as a complete listing of all miscellaneous, incidental, or similar duties including but not limited to day-to-day duties.

New Haven School Food is regularly featured in the media. Part of this position will be to actively promote New Haven School Food through print, radio & television media appearances as needed.

The position's schedule is Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:00pm with some night and weekends required for meetings/conferences. This is a 12 month position.

First Year Tasks To be completed by 6/30/12

• Analyzes and modifies recipes and menus for the school lunch program to meet the HUSSC & USDA guidelines.

• Adds nutritional information for all foods served to the district website

• Develops monthly menus that meets all dietary guidelines and Healthier US School Challenge (HUSSC) standards

• Coordinates nutrition education activities in the schools: Action for Healthy Kids, Health Heroes, USDA Team Nutrition, Fuel up To Play 60, HUSSC for the students, parents, and staff at targeted schools (NIH grant) and beyond to NIH schools as feasible

• Serves on the District Wellness Committee and attends all applicable NIH grant related meetings/committees

• Collaborates with school coordinator and PAW director on school based interventions in targeted schools

• Organizes and manages in cooperation with Local 3144 the Salad Bar program. Develops staff and student salad bar education and marketing program.

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