Thursday, August 23, 2012

School Meals Application Drive for New Haven Public Schools is underway!


This years meal application drive is the most important one ever. 'All hands on deck' as we begin to tackle the largest meal application drive in the history of NHPS. Thanks to the collaboration of 6 Unions (217 (Food Service), 287 (Custodial), 884 (Clerical), 3144 (Management), 933 (Teachers) and 18 (Administrators)) as well as Exec Management working together to make this drive a success.

This tremendous amount of teamwork and collaboration is necessary to ensure that everyone is notified of the meals application drive and that it is more successful than any other drive.

We want to thank all the families for your help in the past and are hopeful that this month you also assist us by filling out the meals application. This drive is worth $10 million in potential revenue funding from the Federal Government instead of from the families
paying $2 for breakfast and $3 for lunch every day v. $0. For a family of 3 that is a $1000 swing annually!

It is most important that every family fills out ONE application and delivers it to their school by the start of school.

The following steps are most important:

Please ensure that families understand they must complete the following steps:

-Complete all income information requested on the form;

-Include the last four digits of the social security number where required;

-If you do not have a social security number please ensure you check the box indicating that you do not have one;

-Make you sign the application form;

-Return the form to your child’s school at orientation or sooner but no later than September 7, 2012.


-Food Service Drivers will pick up applications from the School Cafes daily and deliver to the Food Service Office.

Returned forms will be maintained in a locked and secure environment where they are considered confidential.

PICTURES:  Locals 217, 884 & 3144 all working together to get the job done!

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