Saturday, August 4, 2012

Locally grown food now available all year long!

Exciting news from Freshpoint Connecticut….they have been able to develop a program where local foods will be available throughout the winter. 

Products that are being harvesting now are being IQF Frozen for distribution at a later date.

Winter Sun Farms production in Kingston NY is utilizing local and regional farms through Freshpoint's backhaul program and also through their own outreach to area farms to produce high quality IQF products. 

They are beginning to take orders over the next couple of weeks for product that you would like to commit to having shipped throughout the winter.

Use the cost listed below to budget.  The pricing could be less with a perfect growing season.  We will evaluate at the time of processing.

Please let Dan Batchelder, know which items you may be interested in for pre-ordering.   Pre ordering will help guarantee product availability.

We will be looking ahead for any additional saving opportunities which may arise with any crop surpluses.

All items are IQF and very good quality. Orders will be delivered once a week based on numbers that are projected now.

Corn Kernels $1.77/lb
Green Beans Whole Snipped $2.05/lb
Broccoli Florets $2.95/lb
Summer Squashes $1.99/lb
Cauliflower Florets $2.28/lb
Diced Peppers $ $2.36/lb

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